IPAA NSW has invited a number of preeminent international speakers to attend the 2015 National Conference. IPAA recognises that while a Conference presentation to delegates of varying levels of experience is a good opportunity to share information, it does however limit the level of enquiry and debate into these important topics.

We have developed a range of masterclasses with these international speakers based on the belief that a two hour highly interactive format with a select group of up to 30 senior executives would provide a valuable opportunity to more fully explore, debate and build our shared knowledge and insights.

The masterclasses will take place at the Hilton Hotel following the National Conference on 16 October 2015. They will focus on the Commissioning, Market Stewardship and Big Data.

Masterclass Objectives:

  • To explore practical examples of projects and learnings to allow attendees to learn from others experiences
  • To provide attendees with an opportunity to develop tangible solutions and insights regarding some of the projects they currently manage
  • To create a safe and secure environment for information exchange to build collective intelligence, understanding and insights

Format of the sessions

The session will be structured with short presentation’s from the speaker followed by frank, facilitated dialogue between the participants and the speaker.


Masterclass 1: Commissioning

8.30am – 11.00am (morning tea included)

International speaker: Lord Bob Kerslake

Lord Bob Kerslake, President Local Government Association, UK, is the former Head of the UK’s Civil Service and former Permanent Secretary to the Department of Communities and Local Government. Lord Kerslake, who was elevated to the House of Lords in March 2015, has an impressive background rooted in local and national politics. He is one of the UK’s most experienced civil servants having previously been Chief Executive at the London Borough of Hounslow and Sheffield City Council.

Facilitator: Dara Singh OBE, Local Public Sector Advisory Team, EY UK

Masterclass Overview: The Commissioning Masterclass will build participants knowledge of how best to translate the concept of commissioning into reality. Lord Kerslake will share personal recollections and challenging lessons from his rich experience using case studies and real life examples. This session will particularly focus on how the UK’s learnings can be translated to the Australian experience. The masterclass will explore some of the perceived barriers to commissioning and contemplate how commissioning differs from other previously used contracting arrangements such as outsourcing, private financing and privatisation.

Masterclass 2: Market Stewardship

11.30am – 1.30pm (lunch included)

International speaker: Tom Gash

Tom Gash is Director of Research at the Institute for Government, UK. He oversees the Institute’s research programme and leads the Institute’s work on public service reform, looking at attempts to improve public service performance in the UK and worldwide. Tom is particularly interested in commissioning, outsourcing and the development of public service markets and has led a range of high profile studies on developments across a range of UK services.

Facilitator: Jason LaBresh, Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

Masterclass Overview: The Market Stewardship Masterclass will postulate that market stewardship is a new core skill for public servants and examine trends in public services in the UK and internationally and the growing importance of market stewardship. The session will also examine key issues relating to market stewardship, including tools and examples that can inform decisions and choices in this era of rapid change. Participants will learn where to employ market mechanisms in public service delivery and build their understanding of what drives performance in a market-based delivery system: They will also grow their understanding of how to get the best out of contestable delivery including regulatory requirements and monitoring, responsibility and reporting.

Masterclass 3: Big Data

2.30pm – 5.00pm (afternoon tea included)

International speaker: Dr. Timothy M. Persons

Dr. Timothy M. Persons was appointed the Chief Scientist of the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO – the investigative arm of the U.S. Congress) in July of 2008. As such, he is a member of the Senior Executive Service of the U.S. federal government. In addition to leading advanced data analytics activities at GAO, he also serves to co-direct GAO’s Center for Science, Technology, and Engineering (CSTE), a group of highly specialized scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and information technologists. In these roles he is an expert advisor and chief consultant to the GAO, Congress, and other federal agencies and government programs on cutting-edge science and technology (S&T), key highly-specialized national and international systems, engineering policies, best practices, and original research studies to ensure efficient, effective, and economical use of science and technology in government programs.

Facilitator: John Carnegie, Chief Executive Officer, IPAA NSW

Masterclass Overview: The Big Data Masterclass will delve into rich case studies from within the Government Accountability Office and other US agencies. It will explore some of the success stories for the public sector as well as some of the lesson that have been learnt. Timothy will share the challenges the US has faced and how these have been dealt with as well as sharing the insights and opportunities developed. He will delve into the fundamental change in thinking required to successfully leverage the benefits of big data and how this change has been managed in the US using in-depth case studies which present the data, explore how it was analysed and what outcomes were achieved.

Masterclass Costs

 Cost per person
Registration for one individual masterclass$250
Registrations for two individual masterclasses $350
Register for all three masterclasses$500


IPAA NSW is committed to increasing the capability and capacity of the NSW public sector and as such is providing senior executives working in the NSW public sector with the first opportunity to register for these important masterclasses.

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